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Viviscal Professional

Inuit.pngA professor from Scandinavia discovered from his study of the Inuits’ in the 1980s that their great hair and skin was as a result of their fish and protein rich diet. He isolated the key protein molecules from the Inuits’ diet and it was from these origins that AminoMar C™ was created. AminoMar C™ is a ground-breaking, proprietary marine protein complex unique to Viviscal supplements.

What is Viviscal Professional

Viviscal Professional is a natural hair growth supplement, scientifically formulated to grow thicker, fuller, healthier hair from within:

  • Six month programme – two supplements to be taken per day with food and water
  • Suitable for males and females
  • 11 clinical trails, 9 published
  • Number one hair growth supplement in the US
  • Voted UK’s best hair growth supplement by Harpers Bazaar Magazine
  • Exclusive key active ingredient
Viviscal Professional Product

How it Works

Viviscal Professional hair growth supplements are hard tablets, made specifically to be swallowed whole, not chewed or crunched. The nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream from the intestines.

The active ingredient is carried to the dermal papilla (root of the hair follicle) to nourish the hair from within via the blood stream.

The Viviscal Professional Formula

Viviscal Professional supplements are enriched with all the essential ingredients for optimum, healthy hair growth. The Key Ingredients are:

  • AminoMar C™
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7)
  • Apple Extract Powder
  • Vitamin C
  • L-Cystine
  • L-Methionine


Biotin (Vitamin B7) is commonly known to help maintain normal healthy hair growth from within. This nutrient can help nourish your hair naturally during the Anagen phase of the Hair Growth cycle.

Biotin helps the body metabolise carbohydrates, fats and amino acids which are important as the building blocks of protein – an essential nutrient for the growth of healthy hair.

AppleApple Extract Powder

Apple extract powder is naturally derived from young apple skin and is a source of Procyanidin-B2. Procyanidin-B2 is known to increase hair density and diameter, promoting healthy hair growth. It also has anti-oxidant effects.

Vitamin C

CherryVitamin C is a powerful antioxidant

Antioxidants can help protect DNA, proteins and lipids fromoxidative damage. Vitamin C can also help maintain normal collagen formation, which is the basis of skin, including the skin on the scalp.

Vitamin C is important for normal function of the nervous system and immune system. If our general health is poor this can affect the condition of our hair

L-Cystine and L-Methionine


  • L-Cystine is a semi-essential amino acid
  • Amino Acids make up the foundation of protein structures


  • L-Methionine is an essential amino acid.
  • These have to be taken into the body via our diet as the body cannot make them itself.

The Causes of Thinning Hair

  • Brush.jpgStress
  • Poor Diet
  • Hormonal changes
  • Menopause
  • Post-pregnancy
  • Medications
  • Birth control
  • 1 in 2 men will experience hair loss before the age of 50
  • We lose 50% of your hair before you notice that your hair is thinning

Find out more

Before and after 90 days treatment

Viviscal Professional Before and After Treatment

Before and after 90 days treatment

Viviscal Professional Before and After Treatment

Clinical Trials

Clinical TrialsViviscal Professional has been scientifically formulated to grow, thicken and nourish hair form within.

We have 11 clinical trials, 9 of which have been published.

12% increase in hair diameter (thickness) after 6 months*

*A 6-Month Randomised, Double-blind, placebo controlled Multi-Center Study Evaluating the Efficacy of a New Oral Supplement in Women with Self-perceived Thinning Hair. By Glynis Ablon, MD, Ablon Skin Institute Research Center, Manhattan Beach, CA; Steven Dayan, MD, DeNova Research, Chicago, IL. Published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology,December 2015.

111% Increase in Terminal hairs after 3 months*

125% Increase in Terminal hairs after 6 months*

After 3 months there was an average of 18.3% Reduction in hair shedding reported**

*A 6-month randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled study evaluating the efficacy of an oral supplement Viviscal® in women with self-perceived thinning hair. By Glynis Ablon, MD, FAAD, of the Ablon Skin Institute Research Center, University of California, Los Angeles, California. Published in The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, November 2012.

**A 6-month clinical trial to determine, whether Viviscal® dietary/food supplement containing marine proteins shows statistically-significant benefits in reducing hair shedding and increasing hair diameter in females with sub-clinical hair thinning/loss. By Stephens & Associates. Thomas J. Stephens & Associates, Inc. Dallas Research Center, 3310 Keller Springs Road, Suite 130, Carrollton, Texas 75006, USA. Published in the International Journal of Trichology, 2015. Abstract presented at the World Hair Congress for Hair Research 2013.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     Does it affect the hair on my body too?
A:    No, Viviscal Professional is completely drug free and does not affect the hormonal hair such as chest, upper lip, legs, underarm and bikini.  

Q:    Are there any side effects associated with taking these supplements?
A:     No, Viviscal have no know side effects and non were seen or recorded during the clinical trials conducted world wide.

Q:    Can anyone take Viviscal Professional?
A:    Yes, Viviscal Professional is suitable for anyone over the age of 18, male or female wanting healthier, fuller & thicker hair. However, we do not recommend anyone who is allergic to seafood, pregnant or a nursing mother to take Viviscal professional.

Q:     What is the source of Viviscal Professional?
A:    The AminoMar C™ composition is proprietary & exclusive to Viviscal. Therefore we do no divulge the exact formulation. If anyone has a specific concern, please contact out customer care team.

Q:    Will Viviscal Professional interfere with my medication?
A:    Viviscal Professional is drug free, however it is always best your client reviews the ingredients with their GP prior to starting the supplement programme.

Q:    When will I see the results?
A:    Viviscal Professional works over a 6 month period to achieve stronger, fuller healthier hair from within, some clients will see a difference in just 3 to 4 months.

NB: As smoking can inhibit the bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients, it will take a few months longer for smokers to experience the visible benefits of Viviscal on their hair. 

Q:    What happens if I stop taking the supplement programme?
A:    If you cease the programme the benefit you have experienced will diminish over time, as your hair growth cycle continues. Maintenance is recommended of 1 supplement a day. Equally you can stay at 2 supplements a day for maximum benefit or for those with poor diet or general bad health.

Q:     What is the difference between Viviscal Maximum Strength and Viviscal Professional?
A:    Viviscal Professional is only available to purchase directly from top hair salons and clinics. Viviscal Professional contains 58% more AminoMar C™ marine complex per two tablets. Viviscal Professional also contains powerful anti-oxidants L-Cystine & L-Methionine as well as Apple Extract (Procyanidin B2).

Key Facts to remember

  • Viviscal Professional is the only supplement containing the unique active ingredient AminoMar C™
  • Viviscal is the number one hair growth supplement in the USA
  • Viviscal Professional also contains, Biotin, Apple powder extract, L-Cystine & L-Methionine, Vitamin C – all specifically designed to Nourish the hair from within
  • 6 month programme with a minimum of 3 months
  • Professional strength supplements contain 58% more active ingredients than the non professional version.

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